What is a Kot ?

In Belgium, a student room is called "a kot".

Originally meaning a small room in Dutch, the word became used in Belgium for broom cupboards, and nowadays is used to refer to student rooms.

A student who lives in a kot is called "un kotteur".

a student housing

The types of Kot

In Belgium, you will find different types of kots :

A classic student room is usually a bedroom with a desk and perhaps a small kitchen area. Bathroom facilities are usually shared between several rooms. Sometimes the kitchen may be shared too, and you get a bigger kitchen. Kots like this are often grouped in a 3 to 5 storey building of 5 to 20 kots.

A studio flat is generally more spacious, offering a completely private space with toilet, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

A room in the owner’s house means you'll be living in the same building as your landlord. These places tend to be quieter, and the proprietor might ask you to agree to extra house rules. These landlords are usually very helpful and never very far when you need something.

It is also common for students to houseshare a flat or a house. In this case, you’ll be sharing communal living and cooking spaces – and also the house chores.

Finally there are the residences (dorms), both university and private. University residences are usually fairly priced and hard to get into. Private residences are usually on the expensive side and offer more services.

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